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Birthdate:Apr 27
What is FANS: The New Hollywood Moguls (FTNHM/Fanmoguls)?

FANS: The New Hollywood Moguls (FTNHM) is the name of the new web series. "Fanmoguls" is how we identify ourselves (our nickname). The new series will primarily focus on the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres, while exploring the wild and diverse world of fandom.

The FTNHM series will also feature many of the industry's best writers, actors, directors, authors and Illustrators. Plus, we will travel the globe to explore the "Billion Dollar Industry" of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming and Comic Books/Anime Conventions. Wow, talk about fun!

FTNHM will take an in-depth look inside the ever evolving "cottage industries" of fandom. Learn how Web Masters, Fan Fiction Writers, Live Journals, Social Networking, Fan Forums, Vidding, as well as convention attendance and product purchasing have impacted the careers of Sci-Fi and Fantasy actors, directors and writers!

For many years, I have traveled the globe meeting and talking with passionate fans. I have personally heard and read incredible stories of extraordinary love connections, overcoming adversities, long and lasting friendships, successful "Save the Show" campaigns and the importance of "staying a community." This year, FTNHM will share your stories.

FTNHM will also ask the hard questions. Have fans unquestionably influenced Studios and Networks? Are fans the new power behind the throne? Is there a dark side to fandom? Or, are fans considered a nuisance, a threat, and even dangerous? Let's find out together.

FTNHM invites you to take this journey with us - beginning Friday, July 13th. The business of "FANDOM" is alive and well. FANS: The New Hollywood Moguls will give you an inside look at fandom from the perspective of - FANS!

Quote: "Stay a community" - David Kemper/Farscape

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